New Technology

At AGMA Security Service we believe in keeping our operations on par with the latest technology. Communications, Supervision Systems, Access Controls and the latest in Computer Programs are some of the innovations that we offer to our clients.


Dynamic Traffic Management – Public Safety, a solution for Corporate Responsible User (CRU) devices, uses quality of service (“QoS”) network technology to enable qualified first responder and critical infrastructure customers to experience priority treatment of their mission critical data traffic on a Private-Owned Domestic 4G LTE network. This means that during times of network congestion, approved mission critical applications will have a better experience on the POD network than non-approved applications or subscribers.

This powerful broadband LTE network provides first responders voice, data, video, images and text. Eliminates concerns about network congestion with available priority and preemption.
Experience faster response times and enhanced situational awareness with improved information sharing across agencies, disciplines and jurisdiction.
Foster an ecosystem of innovation through public safety applications and devices that give first responders advanced technologies to help save lives and protect communities.

Workforce Management in the Cloud
Managing a diverse workforce involves a lot of complexity. As a result, many organizations struggle with controlling labor costs and staying compliant with labor laws all while keeping the employees happy.

WorkForce Software’s flexible solutions in the cloud enable strategic workforce management by digitizing time tracking, optimizing employee scheduling, simplifying absence management, and providing business insights across the enterprise.