Security Guards

AGMA Security is the viable and proactive alternative to provide private security services with reliable officers, responsible and dedicated, who guarantee the safety and tranquility of residents, visitors and the protection of the facilities. Our consulting service experts will help you get the preventive safety equipment necessary for your home or business.


Residential Level

  • Static surveillance at controlled access points with record of visits and personnel registry.
  • Surveillance patrols within the complex by bicycle, motorcycles, UTV, ATV and/or other motor vehicles.
  • Monitoring and inspections of the perimeter.
  • Crowd management.
  • Surveillance of activities or special events within the complex.
  • Surveillance and electronic monitoring
  • Preventive patrols

Commercial Level

  • Preventive surveillance patrols on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, ATV or other motorized vehicles. Employee registration and controlled access for visitors and/or suppliers at entry gates.
  • Uniformed and civilian guards, armed and unarmed, at controlled access and security checkpoints for public events using "Biometrics" cards.
  • Personal protection and escorts for executives.
  • Internal investigations and personnel observation with reports to the executives utilizing top of the line technology electronic monitoring equipment.
  • Implementation of communication networks, background checks and vehicle tracking.
  • Consulting and certified training for company personnel in the creation of safety plans and emergency management plans.


  • Security Guard License issued by the Puerto Rico Police Department according to law 108 -- 29 June 1965.
  • Updated background check and Certificate of Good Standing for every officer and armed guard with an active valid license.
  • Professional personal appearance, clothing and regulation equipment as required by position.
  • Written reports of extracurricular events by minutes and logbook.
  • Continuous supervision and audits for quality control to assure excellence of service.
  • Properly trained and certified in the services provided and assigned.
  • Digital IDs
  • Regular Dope testing on a regular for all our employees.
  • Computerized systems patrol verification.