VIP - Protection

AGMA Security is dedicated to all Security aspects.
The Executive Security Division assures a complete resource for all Government Dignitaries, Artists, Business Executives, and other individuals. Concierge Service will be provided by highly trained and qualified individuals that speak the required language and will serve as Assistant, Escort or Driver coordinating the pre-scheduled sites of preference on trips or stays, when requested. Armored or Normal Transportation Services are available for Land, Air or Sea.


With State of the Art Technology our specialize personal (the Special Forces, SRT, Counter-Espionage of Intelligence Staff) diligently transports Safely and Discreetly throughout high threat places such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, among others.

AGMA Security’s professional effectiveness relies on the combination of Prudence, Strategic State-of-the-Art Strategies and Glamour combining Man Power, High-Tech Weapons, Sophisticated Equipment, and the Master Control Proven Ability over any situation in any terrain.